FreshFit Beginners

Beginner running sessions at FreshFit UK
Build up your stamina!
If you dream of becoming a consistent runner or someone who could keep up with the kids on holiday, not get out of breath within seconds or simply not feel totally self conscious whilst trying to run then we have the class for you.

Our FreshFit UK beginners running class is specifically designed to enable you to start running at a progressive pace, a pace which doesn’t immediately target you with running a certain distance after a certain number of weeks or sessions. Our classes are designed to keep you injury free and help you become mobile over time and help you progress into running which is both safe and fun.

How Does It Work?
Our beginner run classes start off with brisk walking in which we introduce very short periods of slow running.
Over time we slowly increase the running and reduce the walking – when you’re ready.

You’ll have access to FreshFit UK’s outdoor fitness classes as well as the beginner run classes in order to help you build the strength and confidence to work up to becoming able to run as far as you would like to.

You see at FreshFit UK we work on a collaborative approach to enabling your goals through each individuals success in the group, this way the group succeeds through supporting each individual to reach their goals…
All you have to do is come along and participate.

How Do I Join?
We meet at in the car park of Costco Farnborough (2 Templer Ave, Farnborough GU14 6FE) at 18:15 and sessions last 45 minutes.

Come and see how you can improve your fitness, stamina, mobility and all round love of life by trying our beginner run classes.

Our introductory offer of ten sessions for £15.00 will enable everything we have listed above.

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Come and discover how training with Freshfit can transform your fitness

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