FreshFit Adventures

Unleash your inner explorer

How would you like to break out from the norm and do something different for the day?

FreshFit Adventures can give you just that.

We will take you and/or a small group of your friends or colleagues out onto the hills of the South of England, you’ll experience either walking or running in new and invigorating locations. Our aim is to inspire your desire for adventure and to release the explorer in you.

Our adventures will be designed around your needs be they a desire to go out on the hills to train or to walk amongst the beautiful countryside – we can accommodate both.

A full day can range from 06:00 until 18:00 or we can manage timings around your schedule (school drop off and pick up for example).

We’re passionate about the outdoors, and we understand that getting out into the hills or the countryside can be as invigorating and liberating as a short break holiday, either picking up new skills or reacquainting yourself with skills you learnt before life became more complicated.

Whether you’re a runner looking for inspiring places to train, A business leader who understands that a day in the fresh air can clear your mind and inspire individual or team success, or a parent who wants to find their identity again we can help.

If you have a team building need we can help and assist with that as well, come and talk to us – we’d love to listen and help.

Our prices start at £85 per person depending on the requirement

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To create an outdoor fitness experience encompassing a feeling of esprit de corps and Community!

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