Fitness Assessments

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What Are They?

At FreshFit we recognise that not everyone is motivated the same way.

Within our team of Session Bosses one thing unites us – our passion and enthusiasm for training outdoors. Our motivations though are very different.

Some of the team are competitive and enjoy competitive environments, some really don’t enjoy that environment and are happy to simply measure their own enjoyment of staying fit outdoors.

We think we have created a system to enable both.

If you’re not competitive or motivated by a structured grading system then you can join our quarterly fitness assessments in which we record your individual best effort of the following disciplines:

⦁ A 1.5 mile run.
⦁ How many press up’s you can do in two minutes.
⦁ How many half sits you can do in two minutes.
⦁ How many squats you can do in two minutes.
⦁ How many burpees you can do in two minutes.

How Do I Track My Progress?

We record the results and send then to you via email, you can then monitor your progress by taking the same assessment 3 months later. We will then send you the original results along with your latest results, showing you how you’re getting on.

Obviously helpful advice from our session bosses is always available if you want to improve in one particular discipline.

FreshFit Challenges

If however you’re motivated by aiming toward a tough but rewarding grade system then we have an alternative for you which is called the FreshFit 500.

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