Benefits Of Joining

We never leave a Freshfitter to run on their own.
We display humble strength.
We exhibit cheerfulness and a sense of humour at all times.

More Than Just A Workout

As an active Freshfitter you’ll experience why being part of FreshFit is more than just a workout.

You’ll have access to our closed Facebook group in which fellow Freshfitters are encouraging and supporting each other, whilst a fair amount of banter toward the session bosses is usually present as well.

FreshFit has a nutritionist write a recipe book every month in which you’re provided with new and exciting healthy eating recipes to help you think about nutrition alternatives.

FreshFit is partnered with a company called Brutal Run, if you’re into your trail runs and obstacle course races then you’ll find discount codes available here, as well as a fantastic team spirit when entering these events.

Our aim is to provide a fun and exciting training environment, it’s got to be more than just a physical workout though, and through Freshfitters we build a fantastic community of like minded people who help and support you. Be it that you’re sometimes a little less motivated to get up and train or genuinely struggling, this environment will help provide the mental and emotional support to help you achieve your goals.

But like they say… “you gotta be in it to win it” and only being a Freshfitter will ensure that.


Save Time

You’re guaranteed to get a great workout at every single session, which means you’ll reach your goals faster.

Save Money

At FreshFit we provide the best training experience outdoors at a great monthly rate – check our ‘Join Us’ page for details.

We’re In This Together

When you find yourself working hard, achieving your aims and smashing your goals, it’s great to share it all with someone who understands.. Freshfitters “Get it”.

Laugh - A Lot

You can be sure a sense of humour will be exercised at every session!

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