What are the benefits of doing outdoor fitness?

Well,… we’ve been working on the answer to this – apart from our own massive enthusiasm for the great outdoors and working out in groups we thought we’d delve deeper and try and explain why we think you should think out of the box… and try an outdoor fitness class.

It’s no secret that it’s been a long, hard winter – which on occasion is still trying to hang on. But… we think it’s time to get out and expose that winter skin to a healthy dose of Vitamin D… breathe in some warm air and listen to the surroundings around a class at FreshFit UK whilst you start to engage in a successful process to get fitter, leaner and stronger for the summer.

What makes a FreshFit UK workout option better than going to the gym?

  • Boost your immune system from being outdoors.
  • Get a lovely dose of Vitamin D
  • Release the “feel great” endorphins
  • Work harder
  • Burn more calories
  • Enjoy the social experience at the same time.

All FreshFit UK workouts are outdoors – we love it and we hope it comes through in the way in which we structure them – let’s see what else we believe supports our belief that what we do IS for EVERYONE and can be something you can do all year round.

We believe strongly in the value of getting outdoors whether that’s running, being part of a team sport or using the free outdoor fitness kit in some of our local parks – what we think makes FreshFit UK different is the way we structure all of the above into a social and support environment.

We want you to turn up.

We want you to succeed

We want you to enjoy the experience.

Want to find out more about where we are and what our itinerary looks like?

Check our web link.(http://freshfituk.com/find-a-location)

Running – yes, we do – but not in every session.

We have a run session completely dedicated to running on a Saturday morning, love it or hate it running is one of the best ways to burn calories and get fitter – although it doesn’t come without the risk of injury if you over do it so we always emphasis ensuring you develop more than just running muscles to help you stay fit, strong and agile.

Using outdoor fitness equipment – yep we do that as well as part of our sessions and we bring a variety of it along to sessions on a regular basis.

Now… we may be a bit biased. in fact, we are completely biased when we say we believe that experiencing the weather and the environment by being outdoors is exhilarating whilst you train.

You’ll feel alive. you’ll find it burns off a hell of a lot more stress and leaves you feeling invigorated. smiling and happy!

In fact, we believe that where as you work out indoors and watch the clock – when you’re outdoors you’ll get lost in your training. The only clock watching you’ll be doing is that of setting a reminder to finish because you’ll enjoy what you’re doing so much rather than waiting for it all to end.


To close…

At FreshFit UK you’ll get more for your money – sessions are conveniently timed and regular.

We ensure you have fun and feel welcome and help prepare you for events or your specific individual goals.

You’ll leave a session on a high and looking forward to the next one and almost certainly smiling.

Check us out – we’d love to see you. WWW.FreshFitUK.com