Sugar Tax… have you noticed a real difference?

The new sugar tax came into effect in April 2018 – in essence it means that a bottle of high sugar drink over the size of 500ml could increase in price by at least 14p and a 2-litre bottle could go up by 58p…

At face value, we think this is great news – with 25% of the UK population either obese or bordering on obese we firmly and whole heartedly support of any government initiative that will help try and reduce the amount of the sugar consumed – it would be great if we could levy national rewards for exercise in the same way we levy taxes negatively against sugar – but that’s a whole other discussion.

The question for us though – is does it really work?

I popped into my local Co-op this week, I do most Fridays to buy my 6 and 4-year-old a little treat to mark the start of the weekend being a cookie each – I know… it’s sugar!! But given my two eat very little in the way of sweeties during the week a little treat on a Friday afternoon isn’t a bad thing.

Whilst in the Co-op I stood behind what was a secondary school kid buying three monster energy drinks, his mates were doing the same… I shuddered!!

I know that some drinks manufacturers have reduced the amount of sugar they put in their drinks without making a big song and dance about it – fair play and well done! It helps them and reduces the tax they would have levy and enforces the message behind the sugar tax – love this!

But Some drinks manufacturers have simply stuck to their guns (like Coca Cola and Britvic (producers of Pepsi), all they have done is added the cost of the sugar tax onto their products which in turn means the consumer is simply paying more…


So – back to my question… have you noticed the difference with the sugar tax?

Do you care?

If you have noticed then what have you done to change?

If you don’t care – then why not?

Let us know what you think… we’d love to hear from you!