All the Session Bosses at FreshFit love to train the way in which they train you.
It’s part of our make up… our enthusiasm and our pride in being a Session Boss.

One of the ways in which we ensure our Session Bosses are fit enough to stand in front of you is that they should have completed – or be in the process of completing the FreshFit 500.

We often get asked what the 500 stands for… well it stems back to our (not too) ancient history in which the original series of FreshFit fitness goals were points based, you gained a certain amount of points for achieving a certain number of Press ups, Half Sits, Squats and Burpees as well as a run.

Naturally this took quite a bit of explaining and to be frank we decided that if it took that much explaining – then it was probably just to complicated.
So whilst we developed the FreshFit Grades further we decided to drop the numbering of each level and replace it with a colour… apart from the top grade… the FreshFit 500… we just kept the numbering there for prosperity.

Want to know more about it?
Visit our website from this link and understand what’s involved.
It’s not a compulsory grading. but it sure makes things fun and helps you understand how you’re progressing.