So, here’s something new guys…

We’re going to be doing our None to Run sessions very soon!


A none to run session is simply taking a group who are self-proclaimed non-runners but have a desire to be able to run or “be” a runner…

Doesn’t that sound very much like a couch to 5k?

Well I guess in some respects it is but where we differ and believe it’s different is simply we are not focusing on a target distance.

We believe the goal should be yours… in fact if you choose to target yourself a run for 30 mins, a 5k or just to be able to run for a short period then we’re going to be behind you every step of the way!


We don’t believe in trying to get you there as quickly as possible either – that feels a bit short sighted to us, instead we’ll be doing a 12 week course BUT as part of that course you not only get your none to run session each week you can also use any of the other FreshFit UK outdoor fitness sessions with it!!


How cool is that?!

We’ll roll it out as part of our 10 sessions for £15 introductory offer – just to keep things simple.

Then after that you’ll pay our standard fee’s as per any other Freshfitter – because regardless of whether you can run 2 minutes, 50 miles, do 5 press ups or 500… you’ll be a Freshfitter and enjoying the camaraderie that comes with it!!


We’re looking to start around the 26th March so look out for more details coming soon!