OK so it’s not always a comfortable message but it’s one worth listening to.

How much do you spend on junk food? We’ll bet for a large portion of the Uk it’s over £30 per month and we’ll bet that your fast food fix is over faster than you’d like…

You probably don’t feel satiated after and you’re looking forward to snacking, it affects your physical being as well as your mental being and will have an all round negative effect on you.

Come train with FreshFit UK for £30 per month – you can train as often as you like and we’ll guarantee the effects of our training sessions will satiate you more than a few fries… we’ll guarantee that you’ll get a massive dose of fresh air, fun, and long term benefits from training with like minded people.

You’ll be encouraged to try positive influences on your life and you’ll be encouraged to strive to become leaner, fitter, faster, stronger and happier with yourself.

Our super sized introductory offer is ten sessions for £15 – we’ll deliver – you just need to come and collect ;-).