Consider this; You decide to apply for a new job at another company, you’re more than technically qualified and skilled to do the role but…. In the interview, you’re asked many questions about the culture and direction the new company is going in… your technical competence gets you through the technical questions but then you start to falter with the new company  questions and you eventually lose your confidence and decide it’s better to stay where you are…

It’s a similar situation when you start a new exercise class or regime, you know your body can do it, you’ve probably done it all before but the reality is that you’re doing things a different way and you’re not  you’re not as familiar with your surroundings as usual.

Chances are that unless you make a friend quickly then you may well just revert back to where you were – doing the same exercises with the same routine as before and not progressing – worse still your probably going to revert back to the diet you were on before and rather than make corrections to support challenges and growth you’ll just make allowances for it not working any more.

We’ve all been there.

Sometimes it’s the change of exercise and dietary plan you make that is the problem – one size definitely does not fit all and whatever you do from an exercise and diet perspective needs to suit you and not be painful or a chore.

At this point – we’re not going to tell you that FreshFit is perfect and suits everyone…

What we think is losing our Mojo is actually just a symptom of many things, it can be a few or many things not working which can lead to a lack in motivation and from there a domino effect can take place… but unless you address the cause then it will be difficult to come back..

Things a little hectic?

We have to think about what’s going on in our day to day lives, it’s easy to get overworked with whatever is going on, if you think about all your day to day tasks and your “work load” it could be fair to say that our brains process more information and deal with more dramas than our social media feeds… now think about the same area of our brains having to then motivate us and ensure we train regularly and eat right… suddenly having to rely on our motivation or Mojo seems a little more like taking shots in the dark rather than actually having a strategy to train successfully and or eat well.

So… How do we do it?

Well you could ask yourself; “if my will power isn’t enough to help me succeed then am I not destined to fail”?

There is no single answer to that, the beauty of the human race is that we’re all individuals (hooray!!) but what can help you through is to document what you intend to do and when you intend to do it… almost make it a contract with yourself or a project plan.

It may sound like something you’ve heard before but it really works. If you make a written plan and put it somewhere prominent (we find the refrigerator door help) then it’s that constant reminder that you need to make space in your day to perform your workout, and of course if you add to that a recipe which you know is healthy and you think may be fun then it makes things a little more interesting.

The point is that if you make a contract or commitment with yourself or someone else then it works – it’s undeniably successful as a psychological strategy! Now add to that the FreshFit factor J(just for a moment please), we like to use our closed group on social media as a way of recording and congratulating our members on the work they put in to each workout, not only does this positive reinforcement enable their commitment to themselves but it also encourages those who weren’t able to make their session that night and in turn helps them achieve their goals as well!

OK genius… how does all this work then?

The process of making the commitment work is quite simple and that’s to keep it simple, and improve the clarity of what you’re trying to achieve.

Make your contract to yourself – it could be to get fitter, faster, strong, leaner …. Whatever it is!

Break it down into a plan – small steps that combined will achieve the bigger picture.

You’ll still have to bust a sweat to get there but the point is your cognitive load (the amount of information your brain has to deal with on a day to day basis) will be less because you’ve written it all down and all you need to do is follow your plan.

Once you have your plan in place and follow it you’ll begin to create habits like turning up to a class on a Monday and Wednesday or going for a run on a Sunday evening, the bottom line is we love habits and we need to train ourselves to create them, once we have created them then we’ll see the success unfold before us simply due to being around like minded and positive people and being constantly challenged by what the FreshFit Sessions Bosses throw at us…

Give your Mojo a break, it needs a hand every now and again so why not positively reinforce it…