By now you will have seen that along with this blog we also have a new website – we are so unbelievably happy to finally be on the web “properly”!

It’s been an epic year for us at FreshFit UK with a great deal of change.
The nature of how we do things has had to change, it appears that what we do is quite popular and in order to continue doing that someone had to take the helm and make it their full-time position.

We couldn’t quite afford some of the big celebrity names so we settled for Al taking this on 😉

The most important thing is though that although how we run FreshFit has had to change – what we deliver will not change, we will still be delivering fuss free, original good solid outdoor fitness training.
We will continue to break down any fitness myths and deliver a fitness lifestyle that is built and survives around it’s ethos of working hard, humble strength and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.

We pride ourselves on not getting dragged into the multiple directional changes that the fitness industry tends to, what we deliver is done by enthusiasts… people who genuinely love what they deliver in their sessions and genuinely love developing others.