To diet – or not to diet…?

We get asked all the time – “what’s the best diet to go on in order to lose weight whilst training?”

Our response…

“Don’t diet!”

Make sure you eat healthily with a balanced plate full of nutrients.

We refer to the NHS eat well guide (https://www.nhs.uk/livewell/goodfood/pages/the-eatwell-guide.aspx ) but we don’t expressly advocate any particular diet.

The reason we don’t advocate any particular diet is several fold but all very simple explanations.

  1. We’re not dieticians and as a result we’re not professionally qualified to tell you what the best diets are.
  2. Diets tend to refer to restricting what you can eat, we’re not into that. typically, if you start putting restrictions on people they tend to naturally fight it after a while.
  3. We understand that there are some companies who have very good nutrition plans which offer guidelines on what you should and shouldn’t eat… we like that so long as it’s fact based with scientific research to back it up – not just unqualified marketing bull to sell stuff.
  4. We are all about making a lifestyle change which includes understanding what is a good food choice and what is not.
  5. We believe that often it’s portion control that needs to be corrected rather than the quality of the food on the plate.

Our standpoint is that we want to influence a healthy lifestyle. It should include a healthy approach to exercise, healthy work/life balance (for you), and a healthy approach to food.

It’s perfectly fine and healthy for you to eat well using portion control, it’s brilliant if you can use a reference to understand what makes up a healthy meal – it’s even better if you can be creative and explore new recipes, foods and flavours.

With a healthy approach to exercise, healthy work/life balance and a healthy understanding of what you eat and drink we’re positive you will feel better, look better and live longer.

FreshFit UK has a Nutritionist write for us, in our closed Facebook group for Freshfitters (goes by the same name) we have a recipe book which is updated each month – note we don’t say Diet.

We strongly advocate a healthy choices recipe book which we hope sparks interest in what our Freshfitters could eat and what’s tasty and good for them in order to feel energised.

The same nutritionist has put together meal plans which if followed strictly will give a complete understanding of daily calorie and nutrient intake, however it can also be used as a recipe book in order to give ideas on fun and healthy dinner options and choices.

Above all else we won’t tell you not to eat a treat. in fact, our recipes and meal plans have treats in them, but what we will do is remind you that a treat is a treat and shouldn’t be considered something you eat in order to satiate yourself.

Check out our website for more details on our meal plans (http://freshfituk.com/product/meal-plan)

Enjoy life, eat well and exercise well.

Rethink Outdoor Fitness.