At FreshFit UK we pride ourselves on what we do.

We provide outdoor fitness sessions at a reasonable price at times which we hope are most available to a broad cross section of the general public.

We create a supportive environment in which each individual has an opportunity to work to their full potential whilst providing the camaraderie and support to those around them, using this method we ensure the individual succeeds and as a result the group succeeds.

It’s really that simple when you break it all down.

What we don’t do is Boot camp, Bootcamp or any other version or derivative of what is commonly understood as military basic training.

OK – so let’s clear this up… do we think “boot camp “is a bad thing?

Frankly – no.

If that’s what you want to do then all power to you and please enjoy it.

The burning question now ensues – why not?

  1. So, a Boot camp or boot camp phase is synonymous with Military basic training, if you look it up on line in the Collins English dictionary it reads:
  2. USslang

basic training camp for new recruits to the US Navy or MarineCorps

a centre for juvenile offenders, with a strict disciplinary regimehardphysical exercise, and community labour programmes


At FreshFit UK we’re extremely conscious of the fact we’re not training a group of civilians of a similar age group and fitness level to become military personnel.

What we’re doing is training a group of individuals from many different walks of life, some with physical advantages and disadvantages, some with emotional, mental or psychological advantages and disadvantages but most importantly we’re training a group of adults to become fit. It’s our job to ensure it’s done safely, effectively, within the realms of each persons capability: we will push individuals harder than they may possibly push themselves but at no point will anyone shout, scream of give anyone a hard time along the way.

At FreshFit UK we do have trainers with military experience, we also have trainers with strong athletics back ground, rowing background, personal training, hill fitness training as well as trainers who have overcome personal challenges and feel like their experience is such that it will help and support others on their fitness and weight loss journey.

FreshFit UK often gets referred to as a boot camp – we don’t mind, after all it’s easier to drop into conversation than an Outdoor Fitness Class, right?

But what you won’t see is FreshFit UK market itself as a Bootcamp, nor any kind of Military styled class, instead we market ourselves as the alternative or simply what we are and what we do.

FreshFit UK, an outstanding Outdoor Fitness Class.

We provide challenging, fun and supportive outdoor fitness classes in a safe and friendly environment.

Tyre flips

It’s always tyre-ing

If you’d like to know more then check out our web site in full www.freshfituk.com to see what we’re really about, where we do it and our exciting introductory offers.

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