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Been searching for your mojo or motivation recently?

Consider this; You decide to apply for a new job at another company, you’re more than technically qualified and skilled to do the role but…. In the interview, you’re asked many questions about the culture and direction the new company is going in… your technical...

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The Sugar Tax – Have you noticed the change?

Sugar Tax… have you noticed a real difference?
The new sugar tax came into effect in April 2018 – in essence it means that a bottle of high sugar drink over the size of 500ml could increase in price by at least 14p and a 2-litre bottle could go up by 58p…

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Time to get outdoors

It’s no secret that it’s been a long, hard winter. But… we think it’s time to get out and expose that winter skin to a healthy dose of Vitamin D… breathe in some warm air and listen to the surroundings around a class at FreshFit UK whilst you engage in a successful process to get fitter, leaner and stronger for summer.

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Can FreshFit UK help fight the spread of cancer?

FreshFit UK wants to help fight the risk of obesity causing cancer.
We encourage a fun and engaging outdoor fitness ethos which will support you in your weight loss goals, support the mental process in making a lifestyle change and being amongst friendly and welcoming people as well as supporting a nutritional balance.

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I have an injury…. what now????

What do I do when injury strikes and it all goes wrong?! I’ve been training well, I’m going further, lifting more, lasting longer and all of a sudden an injury!! I’ve pulled a muscle or got a strain or sprain that’s really reducing my progress!! And worst of all – I...

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None to Run starts 26th March

So, here’s something new guys… We’re going to be doing our None to Run sessions very soon!   A none to run session is simply taking a group who are self-proclaimed non-runners but have a desire to be able to run or “be” a runner… Doesn’t that sound very much like...

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Let’s keep things interesting

How important is it for exercise to remain “interesting”? Well – I guess you have to ask yourself if you enjoy exercising or if it’s a chore...? If it’s something you enjoy then chances are it’s something you’ll want to investigate further, enhance and work at....

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Why is FreshFit UK the Bootcamp alternative?

At FreshFit UK we pride ourselves on what we do. We provide outdoor fitness sessions at a reasonable price at times which we hope are most available to a broad cross section of the general public. We create a supportive environment in which each individual has an...

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The FreshFit 500 and why we do it

All the Session Bosses at FreshFit love to train the way in which they train you. It’s part of our make up… our enthusiasm and our pride in being a Session Boss. One of the ways in which we ensure our Session Bosses are fit enough to stand in front of you is that they...

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Yep! Cracked it first time! That was easy! Said almost nobody ever! When you attend a FreshFit session it can sometimes be a little frustrating when you see someone else there completing some of the more difficult or challenging exercises or goals with apparent ease…...

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Resolutions… are they really worth making? In principle, yes! However, you need to be realistic as well as have a plan. Your goals should ideally be S.M.A.R.T Specific - Target some tangible, something you can really understand and relate to. Measurable - You should...

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Hi and welcome to our first blog!

By now you will have seen that along with this blog we also have a new website – we are so unbelievably happy to finally be on the web “properly”! It’s been an epic year for us at FreshFit UK with a great deal of change. The nature of how we do things has had to...

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