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I can’t recommend Freshfit too highly. The session bosses are brilliant, the training buddies are awesome. Great fun, real fitness gain, superb camaraderie. David Grant

I’ve been going to FreshFit for nearly two years now and I think it is brilliant and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get fitter. Every session is different so you never do the same thing twice and the people you train with are always so encouraging and helpful. The session bosses go above and beyond and always tailor the sessions according to ability or injury so you feel confident in exercising. Freshfit has helped me get stronger physically as well as mentally- I now do and achieve things I never thought I would be able to. Katie Wallman

If you are unsure if fitness sessions are for you, or think you’ll be unable to, Fresh Fit is the group for you.

Such a lovely group of bosses run the sessions, that are so, so encouraging & to make it a little bit easier have a laugh & a giggle.

To top it off, the people that attend are the nicest people, we’re all in it together & never stop cheering you on, it is a Fresh Fit family. All shapes and sizes are there & as for the results, well my goodness, they speak for themselves!

Give it a try – you won’t feel the usual dread at the thought of a workout !

Lorraine McCaig

I’ve been going to the sandhurst freshfit sessions once a week for just shy of a year now. My first session proved to me how unfit I was but it also made me very determined to improve myself.

The session bosses are all fantastic and throw in just the right amount of fun an humour to keep you smiling through the session. The other members of the group will also keep you smiling and more importantly help drag you through and before long you will find yourself being able to do the same for others. Freshfit has managed to change my mindset and recently I was able to go for a 4.5km run, something that a year ago I would not have even considered, let alone thought possible.

I cannot recommend freshfit any higher if you want to improve your fitness and make new friends while you’re at it.

Matt 'Bear' Casentieri

For someone who hadn’t exercised in well over 4 years (at least), I didn’t hold much hope to get into something at all, let alone so easily.

I have been a Fresh Fitter since July this year and I haven’t missed one week since starting.
Started at 1 session a week & now I am on 3 a week!!
These guys are absolutely fantastic. I actually ENJOY doing exercise!! And I love the results even more.

I have noticed the numbers on the scales dropping, my dress size too and muscles that I didn’t realise I had, are toning!

Every session is so different. It’s challenging but achievable. The bosses are extremely knowledgeable and should you need to adapt, they know exactly how to help!
They are fantastic and keep you going, along with all the lovely friends I have made, along this short journey so far.

Thank you Fresh Fit for making me realise it CAN be fun to keep fit!! Ella Wilson

Love freshfit. Have met an awesome bunch of freshfitters, now family.

Lisa Jane

I joined freshfit after moving to the area and sick of training indoors. A lovely English summer from March – September got me to the fittest I’d ever felt. I’ve decided to take a break while I grow my tiny human, but can’t wait to get back to it – probably a little slower and with slightly lower tolerance for the freshfit finisher.

I recommend freshfit to those of all abilities, I always felt welcomed and supported.

Stephanie Davy

Loved it everyone so friendly and gives lots of support to each other thank u for having me x x

Lucy Loopy Abbott

Great friendly atmosphere yet still hard enough to know you’ll feel it the next day.

John O'Brien

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