Session Bosses

What Are We All About?

We’re enthusiasts… it’s that simple.

We also have a sense of humour…

Our founder Al Hill created FreshFit as a bit of a hobby. Neither he or any of his team were interested in taking over the world.. or being the next big thing.. They have done their best to leave those kind of egos at home and create a training environment where they write their own material and always keep it fun and original.

What we have seen as a result is a boot camp alternative, FreshFit sessions are not shouty.. Or intimidating.. We aim to develop you rather than “Beast” you.

Some of the team have Military experience, some have an athletics background and some just have a strong desire to train well and encourage others.

We’re confident this comes across in our sessions and of course, A sense of humour is always exercised…

Key Facts

We train all year round – whatever the weather!

All of our Session Bosses have completed the FreshFit 500 or are in the process of doing so

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